Frozen 2 Anna Doll in Ionic Epilogue Outfit, Pair of Shoes & Earrings Included - 14" Anna Doll

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The epic adventure continues in Disney Frozen 2, the exciting sequel to the hit film, Frozen Join your beloved friends, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf as they venture beyond Arendelle's gates to strengthen their bonds and make new discoveries that will change their lives forever. Join Anna at the beginning of the next chapter of her life, as Queen of Arendelle, with Disney Frozen 2 Queen Anna Doll Anna is warm and loving, and the brave new leader of Arendelle. She is dressed in her iconic, film-inspired Queen Anna fashion that includes a silky teal and turquoise dress with rich black, purple and gold detail with a matching cape and bejeweled belt. To complete her look, Anna is wearing a beautiful gold and green tiara infused with the crocus symbol- the crest of Arendelle.