Funko Pop! Movies: Ghostbusters - Dr. Peter Venkman #744

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Dr. Venkman has had a tough bit of luck. His recent job at the university kind of fell through. Then he thought he had a break with some paranormal activity, but that ghost was pretty violent. Then he started up a ghost-catching business, which is awesome, but then he had a bunch of ghosts and he's pretty tired. Don't even get us started on how the cute lady who hired him turned into a demon dog. Well, at least he still has his good looks, right? Good enough that we can offer this POP! Movies Ghostbusters Dr. Peter Venkman figurine. This vinyl figure is almost 4 inches tall and portrays the dapper Dr. Venkman in his Ghostbusting khakis, proton blaster in hand. Isn't he just adorable? And yeah, he may be having a bit of bad luck, but we're definitely still rooting for him. We're pretty sure he has what it takes to save the world, tough luck or no